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The first description of the breed dates back to the 15th century. Beagles were one of the favorite breeds of the English court. Presumably, the ancestors of these dogs were brought to Britain by the ancient Romans, where they were crossed with local hunting dogs. The main occupation of the beagles in the past is participation in horse or walking hunting to chase hares, rabbits, foxes.

In the 18th century, the breed distinguished three types: southern (largest) beagles, northern beagles of medium size and small beagles.

At the same time, beagles began to spread in Europe, were brought to the United States and Russia, where only in the second half of the 20th century, domestic breeders and hunters drew attention to them. Currently, this universal breed is widespread: they are used as service dogs, in hunting, in competitions and as a companion dog.

The average duration of Beagle dogs is 12-15 years.

There are quite a few beagle kennels in Russia – in them you can specify information about the price and pedigree of your future pet.

If you decide to buy a dog of this breed, we recommend that when choosing a puppy pay special attention to its appearance.

Modern beagles have certain breed standards: the height of American beagles is 33-40 cm, weight – 16 kg; growth of European beagles does not exceed 36–41 cm, weight – 18 kg.

Beagles have a harmonious and compact structure. About their appearance we can say: “nothing more.” These are stocky dogs with good proportions, an average head, a short muzzle, a wide chest and a developed musculoskeletal system adapted for high loads. Eyes are not large, large ears are down. The body is slightly elongated relative to the limbs. The chest is round, the back is straight, the long and thick tail is raised up.

The coat of the beagles is short, densely covers the body. The hair is tough, which causes problems during cleaning at home. The undercoat is not developed.

The most common color in the beagles is a three-color black and white with brown touches. Two-tone beagles are white dogs with various shades of red. This breed is not peculiar only to the presence of red-brown in color. The muzzle and tip of the tail should always be white.

Beagles are very active, good-natured and cheerful dogs. They are always ready to communicate and play with children and adults. Get along well with other pets.

These dogs are attached to their owner and are excellent companions. Nevertheless, the beagles have a certain desire for freedom of action, characteristic of all hunting dogs.

Beagles are able to walk for a long time. They are very mobile, but if necessary, can quickly concentrate for work.

Beagles are adapted for keeping in an apartment and in a private house. It is recommended to walk these dogs on a harness, in cold weather they need jumpsuits.

Beagles do not require special care, washing – as they get dirty with shampoo, wiping paws – after walking. Wool can be removed with a damp glove or brush.

In general, beagles are healthy dogs. Their biggest drawback is their predisposition to obesity. Representatives of this breed may experience hypothyroidism, epilepsy, anomalies in the structure of the membranes of the eye, chronic otitis media, and disease of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint. As a result of high activity, frequent injuries and bite wounds are noted.

To grow a healthy beagle, he needs a balanced diet from an early age. Such feeding provides dry Complete feed for puppies of medium breeds Purina® PRO PLAN® Medium Puppy with the complex OPTISTART®.

A sufficient amount of protein must be contained in the diet for adult active beagles, in this case Purina® PRO PLAN® Medium Adult medium-sized adult dog food with OPTIBALANCE® complex with a high content of chicken, which supports the health of gums and teeth, joints and ensures normal digestion.

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