Russian toy terrier
Dwarf decorative breed of dogs, which has two varieties: long-haired and smooth-haired. ORIGIN At the beginning of the 20th century in Russia, among the decorative breeds of dogs, English toy…

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Malamute, or Alaskan Malamute - a breed of dogs, originally related to working dogs. The homeland of the breed is the extreme north, and more specifically - the coast of…

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Why do dogs howl?
Some owners complain that dogs howl at night. Others themselves have never heard a howling pet, but disgruntled neighbors convince the opposite. Still others, returning from work, do not have…

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According to another breed name – “Old English Shepherd”, – the homeland of the Bobtail is Great Britain. However, according to some claims, the ancestors of the bobtail – Italian cattle dogs, could be brought to the island by the ancient Romans. It is possible that the bobtail came from the cross of other dogs of English origin (bullet, briar), as well as South Russian shepherds.

The history of the breed dates back several centuries: on their canvases, English painters of the 18th century often depicted bobtail. In England, this breed was considered a shepherd, so the tail of the Bobtail was stopped: the tax for the shepherd’s dog was determined by the length of its tail. Continue reading

Dog vaccination rules

Annual vaccination is an essential part of dog care. It allows you to protect the health of the pet from the most dangerous diseases that would lead to death, as well as the health of everyone around. Without a veterinary passport with current vaccination marks, the owner will not be able to take the pet out of the country. Therefore, in no case should you neglect the procedure. Read how to properly prepare your dog for vaccination in our article.

If you understand well what vaccination is, then the preparation for it will become clear. When vaccinated, a dead or weakened pathogen called an antigen is injected into the dog’s bloodstream. The immune system responds by producing antibodies that destroy the virus. If a real infection had occurred and the virus had not been attenuated, unprepared immunity would not have been able to cope with it. But vaccination “introduces” the body to the virus, and the antibodies produced are present in the blood for about a year. If during this period an infection occurs with the virus from which the vaccine was introduced, the body will meet it fully armed with ready-made antibodies. Immunity will be prepared.

Now it’s clear that great importance in vaccination is given to the immune response to vaccine administration. To “process” the virus and develop a sufficient amount of antibodies can only strong immunity, whose work does not interfere. Continue reading

What danger fall autumn leaves?

Dogs really love autumn leaves! With them you can play with your foot, or you can dig into them with your head. Be sure to take a picture of the pet in the process – the photos will definitely turn out great! But rejoicing in the fall, do not lose vigilance. Autumn leaves can be dangerous for a pet, and here’s why.

Why is autumn leaves dangerous?
Fallen colored leaves cover the earth like a blanket. It’s nice to walk on them, it’s nice to look at them, but we don’t see what is under them. And if we don’t really care about us with our boots, then the dogs come into contact with the leaves not only with the paw pads, but also with their nose, tongue, and maybe even their whole body. How can such contact be dangerous for them?

Danger number 1. Sharp and sharp objects
Fragments of glass, fittings, or other objects that the dog might hurt may be under autumn leaves. Unfortunately, usually the owners notice them when the pet is already cut or hurt.

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